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Macu Verdú is a veteran and experienced designer. Several decades dedicated to the design and manufacture of tailoring shows have made their clothes comfortable, fun clothes with magnificent finishes but above all they never lose the touch of good taste and elegance. An endless resume of thousands of clients in the shade of

She has written several plays by putting them on stage with great success. Her preference for all these years for the smallest and the emptiness of a fun fashion and to play has led to create goodies.

"The best toy for a girl is to dress her with glitter and feel beautiful" "That's what women do when we're depressed. "They were born happy and have to remain so."

"Filling good memories makes childhood happy adults"

These are some of the statements of Macu Verdú in various interviews

As an artist she has created and directed several shows that have taken the stage.

Here we can  see her in one of them that was a real success.

Here we see her working in one of the carnivals that designed and directed all the tailoring and costumes.

Her status as a designer has led her to become a jury member in several contests.

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