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New products

  • Nick Wilde Amigurumi
    Nick Wilde Amigurumi

    The co-star of the animation film made amigurumi Made entirely by hand...

    69,00 €
  • Judy Hopps Amigurumi
    Judy Hopps Amigurumi

    Amigurumi made entirely by hand Judy Hopps character from the animated...

    69,00 €
  • Yoshino

    Yoshino the character from the anime Date a Live Made in Spain A doll...

    65,00 €
  • Sweet Rose
    Sweet Rose

    She is a singer from the 1920s. The crazy years when fashion stood out...

    157,50 €
  • Hello Kitty amigurumi
    Hello Kitty amigurumi

    Handmade amigurumi Made in Spain Height: 21 centimeters Worldwide...

    25,00 €
  • Pikachu Amigurumi
    Pikachu Amigurumi

    We introduce you to: Pikachu the famous and iconic character from the...

    39,00 €
  • Pearl

    Children's Body Unique and Exclusive Made in Spain Size: 8 (7-8 and 9...

    55,00 €
  • Meleba

    Body for girls Made in Spain Unique and exclusive Size: 8 (8.9 and 10...

    65,00 €

The collections of Sweets are designed for girls to play from color to fantasy and brightness. Highlighting in your holidays

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  • Spring Summer

     collection is designed for children's gatherings.

    Breaking the monotony of classic clothing into moments that are purely for fun.

    They are exclusive dresses girded by the fabrics used and durable since the elastic fabric is its main element.

    They are dresses that adult will always remember.

  • Autumn Winter

    Autumn fashion does not have to be boring.

    Confectionery designs and makes garments and accessories happy and fun.

    Winter and cold are also fought with warm fabrics such as wool, with colors and brightness.